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Advice Needed on new Media Room Construction

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Hello All -

My Dad purchased a nice new home, and it's always been his dream to have his own media room. I know my way around some of this stuff, but looking for feedback on how we get started and not get screwed up as we embark on the project, running wire, lighting and all that stuff.

- A new room is being constructed in a very large basement. Room sketch included below with dimensions and layout.
New carpet will be going in over existing tile
  • They are both older people in their late 70s. He values ambiance, elegance and "wow factor" over sound quality. He is in no way an audiophile. Wife approval of cabinet quality of something aesthetically pleasing speakers is a thing.
  • Room will be 100% entertaining family, movies, NFL games etc.
  • He wants RGB lighting control and will likely include a mixture of cans, recessed ceiling accent light, and sconce lighting.. Based on included diagram, what would you recommend for placement, and is it worth it to bring in a designer for this alone?
  • For electrical, how many 20a circuits would you do?

Electrical, wall construction and framing will start shortly with a double door entry way from right side of picture. I received a recommended equipment from two separate vendors. As you can see, they differ slightly, but wondering what your thoughts are and what you would switch out and with what

Config #1

Sony XRX95J 85"
Anthem AVM 70
Anthem MCA 525
REL HT1508 Predator 15" Subwoofer
KEF R11 Tower speakers
KEF CI200RS THX in wall speaker
KEF ci200RR in ceiling speaker
KEF R2C center
Savant Pro Control with S2 Host
Middle Atlantic SRSR Rack System with shelves

Config #2
Sony XRX95J
Anthem AVM70
Anthem MCA 525
Bowers and Wilkins 702 Signature
SVS PB16 Ultra (or some other subwoofer with a smaller footprint)
Middle Atlantic SRSR Rack
Control 4 EA3 Remote
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Over 120 views. Am I missing any pertinent information here?
Wire for 9.2.6. Stay away from in-walls if you can. Get two subwoofers.
Over 120 views. Am I missing any pertinent information here?
What you have shared with us so far is a shopping list for gear. Your Dad's wish is for the room is the WOW factor, we need to see the room plan, How it will be constructed for sound isolation, how it will be finished to look great and your plans for acoustical treatments. Looking at speakers is never a wow. this is a room I did that IMHO has a lot of WOW. Also for your Info this is a snobish theater construction group we don't get too excited over a room based on a TV. You might have better luck on the general rooms section of this forum. On your plan that furnace room location really ruins what could be a nice 19x24 home theater. Double doors aren't the best choice for a high end WOW theater due to limitations on sound isolation.

Movie theater Hall Building Entertainment Musical instrument accessory
Interior design Automotive design Event Entertainment Building
Chair Entertainment Projector accessory Hall Event
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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