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Hi everyone!

My brother is currently redoing his basement and asked me how he should set up his sound system. But given the small space and off-center setup I don't know how best to advise him.

Here's what we've got... 3 of the 4 walls are exterior walls (ie cement). The TV is going over the fireplace which is at an angle to the room. The space behind the sofa is for the kids' play area (ages 2 and newborn) - so given the ages of the children we don't want to have speakers on stands or anything. The TV is approximately 8 feet away from the viewing area. Plus there's an A/C bulkhead (since enclosed in drywall) to contend with.

Now it's not a big space but he wants at least moderately decent sound for watching movies and playing games. He hasn't actually bought anything yet so we're not constrained by existing hardware. I was thinking about a sound bar for a virtual sound effect but it would have to go above the TV (else the TV is too high up) and I'm not sure how well they actually work.

I've included some images below. Please excuse my rudimentary Sketchup skills... this was a not-quite-to-scale quick sketch. Hoping someone can advise me.

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