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Advice on 55" C1 vs A80J. 60% movies/40% TV, no gaming, care most about picture quality and upscaling.

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As the title says, I care most about are picture quality and upscaling of content to 4k (also fine with buying an Nvidia Shield to upscale)

This is the first OLED TV that I am going to buy so wanted to ask more experienced people if they had any advice.
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I will predict that the Sony A80J will be the most common answer given.
For movies/TV and no gaming, Sony for sure. But you should consider the A90J if you really "care most about PQ and upscaling."
Sony is the easy choice. Only question is whether you go for the A80J or the A90J for that bit more of HDR brightness due to the additional heatsink.
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I just bought my first OLED tv this weekend. I looked at the Sony in the 70”+ sizes over the weekend. Ended up buying a 77” LG CX at Costco. Looks great in movies and Directv. No gaming for me. The CX is a huge upgrade from my 60” Panasonic ZT. Not regrets. The price increase for the Sony wasn’t worth it IMO.
I bought the A80J two weeks ago 77in and love it. I also have the 65" 900E 850D. While you can't go wrong with either TV, if gaming is out of the mix, at least until Sony updates firmware, go with Sony IMO. Better color accuracy. rtings.com did a comparison. I don't think you would be unhappy with either, but I trust Sony's reliability vs LG.
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