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I am setting up a 7.1 audio setup. I was hoping to get advice and suggestions to any of my thoughts.

I am quite fond of the Onkyo TX-SR805 so far. I was looking for a reciever with some good quality, power, options, and THX certified for under $800. If anyone has any other suggestions, I am open to them.

As for my speaker setup I have a subwoofer that I am very happy with so that is not an issue. I am looking to setup 5 speaker setup with 2 towers for the fronts equaling out to 7.1. For the 5 speaker setup, I havn't really had a ton of places in my area to listen to but the ones I have listened to that I like are the Klipsch Quintet SL 5 piece setup at Bestbuy and a set up 5 Energy Take LCR speakers I listened to at American TV. I am a fan of Klipsch audio, boston acoustik, and polk. I really do like the Take LCR but I was hoping to find a good 5 speaker setup for under a $1000. Also I was wondering if anyone knew how much of a difference in sound there is between the Energy Take LCRs and Klipsch LCRs.

As for my 2 front tower speakers, I was looking between Energy and Klipsch again but I am open to all suggestions. Price wise I wanted to keep those two under $1000 as well.

Other than that I was hoping to hear from all their suggestions, reason why and what they think in general. Thanks all.
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