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Advice on a $400 CAD receiver.

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I am just looking for an A/V surround sound receiver. I spend a lot of money on computer stuff now, so I don't have a huge budget left for audio stuff. :(

So, with that out of the way, I have narrowed my choices down to two receivers that are both available for $400 CAD. One is the TEAC AG-D9320 and the other is the Pioneer VSX-810S.

The pluses and minuses of the TEAC are:

- higher current stereo output: 130x2 or 100x5...not sure if this means anything or not though

- seems this is "high current" amp whereas the Pioneer does not have that listed anywhere

- Onscreen display

- Excellent Costco return policy.


- 6.1 channel support although I believe it is Matrix surround and not Discrete

- "better" brand name???

- one more video input, one more audio input

- learning remote

- lack of onscreen display

- I believe this is a "newer" model than the TEAC.

So, I guess what I am wondering is if anyone knows if the power amp in the TEAC is better or worse than the Pioneer. Also, is the 6.1 feature of the Pioneer that big of a deal? My room is about 20x15 feet.

I have both receivers at home now, but haven't had a chance to play with them yet. I wanted to get some "expert" advice so that I would have some more guidance as to what to look for, etc.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I am looking at the specs again for these two receivers and noticed that the TEAC is spec'd as "high current" amplifier whereas the Pioneer is not. Can anyone tell me how I can verify this? I have both receivers at home now, so I can put them both through their paces.

Also, can anyone please tell me what this high current really is and where I will notice a practical advantage?


High current means nothing.

My advice would be to hook them both up and pick the one that sounds better. There isn't much else that you can do.
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