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Advice on analog speakers - $5K per pair

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I'm looking to upgrade my speaker system for both music and movies. What I use now is a Meridian processor with Citation speakers. It's OK, but not the scale I want for quality, especially the rears. The main reason for not wanting Meridian Digital speakers is because I don't feel like putting all the money into one system so I can get a new processor later if wanted and still keep the speakers. My limit is about 5K per pair for the fronts and rears totally about $10K.

I would like to hear from those with high-end gear about what they have and like or would do different if given a chance. The room is about 19 X 29 so it's fairly large. The new Dynaudio speakers have a lot of people saying good things about them. I've also heard Martin Logon was good, but Dynaudio was better. Any brands, suggestions, etc?

Thanks for the feedback.
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You might want to check out Triad's new platinium series.


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Would you look specifically for THX speakers or can I go with high-end other brand speakers that aren't necessarily THX? The Dynaudio Contour 2.5 was recommended to me because I don't want to lock my self into one company like Meridian. I would rather be able to change my amps and processor if wanted and still keep the speakers in the future. Otherwise I would have to try and sell all the Meridian gear. Also, they are not in the budget. The audio guy carries both Meridian and Dynaudio and said if not going with the 5500 models then he would suggest the Dynaudio because they sound so excellent and are cheaper. What would you advise? Does THX make a huge difference and if so what brands would you look at? The new Dynaudio are supposed to be excellent although no mention of THX.


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