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I have put it out there on a couple of other sites, more dedicated to this very narrow segment of the population.

I have one of the very few working, motorized big dishes. Most all you see now are not working. Mine scans the arc nicely to pick up the satellites sending down their signals. There is a lot of unencrypted programming for big dish - including about a dozen HD stations. A lot of people would probably be surprised and interested given the economic times we are in. There is a lot of scanning involved, though. It isn't a "set it and forget it" thing.

But I can't get everything.

In particular, there are HD signals sent in DVB (which I can get with my receivers) and S-2 and 4.2.2 which I can't get. The providers of these programs sometimes switch around between them.

Does anyone here have any recommendations on what kind of harwdare, cards and software to get these? I'd appreciate it.

And I'd just like to assure the moderators that this has absolutely nothing to do with hacking or pirating any signal. I don't do that. I'm more than happy with the different legal and free things I find in the sky every week.
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