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Advice on Cable for Defintive Supercube

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We're just remodeling our basement. Before the dry walls go up, need to get run all the cables. Am considering Definitive technology 7.1 series. Is there a special cable for the subwoofer (Definitive Supercube 2) that I need to consider? If so, what is the recommendation?

Thank you.

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Any speaker wire run inside the wall needs to be CL-2 or CL-3 rated for in-wall use. For the sub cable, it would depend on if it was a powered (has it's own built in amplifier) or passive (power is supplied by an outboard amp). If it's a powered sub then a single subwoofer cable is all that's needed. If it's a passive sub, then it's connected with speaker wire just like regular speakers.

Unless you are running obscene lengths, 14 AWG or 16 AWG will be sufficient for the speaker cable. For the sub cable, a single coax with RCA connectors is what you'll want to use (again, if it's a powered sub). A look at www.monoprice.com will land you all you will need.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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