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Advice on Ceiling Sound Reduction for Basement Reno

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We're doing a Basement Reno. The space will have a Bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and the rec room area will be around 20' x 20'. It will primarily be used as a home theatre, but not exclusively. It's also the main space that everything is connected to, so will have the stairs up, doors to laundry and bathroom, as well as the entrance to a crawl space and door to a cold room.

I'm not concerned with the walls as I don't need to worry about disturbing anyone else in the basement, I'm most concerned about the noise escaping from the basement upstairs to the rest of the house. I'm looking for the most bang for the buck.

There is a post and beam in the rec room, so I'm concerned this will be hard to properly decouple. I'm also looking to mount a projector & screen on the ceiling, 2 in-ceiling speakers, and perhaps 2 rear surround speakers may need to be mounted on the ceiling as well. There will also be many potlights. I'm also using a contractor who doesn't specialize with soundproofing rooms. For these reasons I think I'm not going the sound clip route (although I could be convinced if someone can make the case it would be worth the additional expense).

Right now my contractor is recommending hat channel (he calls it U channel) with 5/8" Quietrock and Safe n Sound for the ceiling. I've read many suggest I could save with pink insulation. We'll also add a solid core door to the basement entrance. Would this be a decent solution?

any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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I was hoping for some feedback, but I guess I'll just keep asking questions...

The basement's beam and column are metal. Would it be worth to paint it with Quietcoat to reduce vibrations upstairs? The column will have a facade built around it where a light switch and radiator will be penetrated as well as an on-wall speaker. I was going to stuff safe n sound insulation in there, but could paint the column and beam with quiet coat if that will have a decent impact. But I haven't found any instances of people doing this in my google searches so I'm questioning if it makes any sense...

What are people's feelings on pot lights? Another family member is adamant we go that route, but I hate the fact that we'd be punching multiple holes in the Quietrock we're going to install. Kind of defeats the purpose (yes I know many people build boxes, but my contractor isn't a sound proof guy and probably wouldn't know how to do that properly while also charging me much more). I was considering track lighting, but most people don't seem to go that route (although I'd have to go pot lights for the projection area to ensure there wouldn't be any shadows).
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