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Advice on home theater setup/purchase for a newbie

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I'm looking into the possibility of getting an audio system to augment our flat screen TV. First of all, the high level constraints:
  1. Room is ~13'6" x 18'6", and is part of a freestanding house.
  2. TV is 52" Samsung LCD
  3. Looking to spend ~$1k
  4. System is used for TV, gaming, and movies primarily

From lurking around here, the rough draft of parts I've currently got is this:
  1. Onkyo TX-NR609 ($399.00 from Amazon)
  2. Polk Monitor 60C Series II x 2 ($110 each from Newegg)
  3. Polk CS1 Series II Center - ($65 from Newegg)

The questions I've got are several - are the parts I've got listed reasonable selections? Should I be adding surrounds or a subwoofer to the system (if so, what?) Am I sizing this system approximately correctly?

Here's an approximate layout of the room, which I'm also trying to figure out updating the layout to get the system better laid out.
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It looks like the subwoofer to aim at with this budget is the BIC F12? ($184.31)

Is the Jamo set better than those Polk speakers? I added a pair of Polk Audio Monitor30 Bookshelf speakers for surrounds, and the total came out to $415.94 for the 5 speakers, which edges out the Jamo speakers on price slightly (for black finishes). However they're the same general setup, so I don't know if they're very similar, or what.

I guess for reference, here's the list as I've currently got it estimated:

Part Price Qty Subtotal

Onkyo TX-NR609 $399.99 1 $399.99

BIC America F12 $184.31 1 $184.31

Polk Audio Monitor M30 Bookshelf $89.99 1 $89.99

Polk Audio Monitor M60 Floor $109.99 2 $219.98

Polk CS2 Series 2 Center $99.99 1 $99.99

Which totals $994.26.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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