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I got a pair of RF-82's in great condition from Best Buy open box for $400 two years ago. Obviously an amazing deal. So now I am filling in the rest of the surround channels and realizing its very costly! The center channel alone will cost $400.

So I'm thinking maybe I should sell my RF-82's and pick up something a little smaller without sacrificing audio quality, if possible.

Honestly I don't blast the music (only due to the neighbors) and so rarely get to enjoy the 110Wx7 my Denon AVR-2808ci puts out. It seems the Klipsches really benefit from the abiliyt to handle huge volumes. But I don't need that. I just need quality, rich, clean, full sound.

Also need to replace my 300W AR subwoofer. Too boomey. Need tight solid low bass.

Any advice?
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