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Advice on my Setup

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Hello- I was browsing for reviews on the Pioneer FS52 Floorstanding speakers (for my bedroom) when I discovered this forum. My gosh, I think I've been living under a cave that I hadn't heard about AVS Forums.

Anyway, I think this may be a prime spot for me to obtain some advice on how my modest home theater is set up. Following are what I have:

Front: Klipsch RF62
Center: Klipsch RC52
Surround: Klipsch RB51
Subwoofer: HSU STF-2
Receiver: Denon 2112

Now as you guys can see, the seating are is offcenter from the actual TV. Unfortunately, this is just how my home is laid out. Do you guys have any recommendations on changing the speaker set up or alignment to improve the quality of audio?

Also, my setup is 4 years old and I didn't do much research when buying and pairing up the entire system. Let me know if you guys think I should get different speakers which could help improve the audio. I mostly use the speakers for music, but also for the occasional movie/tv show.

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