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Hi there, I'm a new member looking for advise on a new A/V receiver.

My current set up is,

living room set up

-55" Samsung 7000 3D t.v.

-Samsung 3D blu-ray -Monster 1000 1.4 hdmi cable > t.v.


-HD cable box


4 Audiotrak SKA 880's (8" 2 way 150 watt) in ceiling

1 Studio Acoustic center SA6 5C (2 5" woofers & a 1" tweeter 175 watt)

Zone 2 Kitchen and outside

-2 Audiotrak SKA 880's (8" 2 way 150 watt) in ceiling

-2 2 Electrovoice unknown model

I am interested in having the 1.4a feature on the amp and I don't need more than 4 HDMI inputs.

My budget is $1000 - $2000 range. I know I need 1 more 1.4a HDMI cable to add to the shopping list as well.

Two brands I was interested in were Denon and Marantz.

If anyone can give any advice and or opinions that would be great.

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I would look at Yamaha Aventage models with your price range. But there's good receivers from many brands in that price range.
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