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Advice on new receiver (Marantz SR7002,Yamaha RXV1800, or Pioneer VSX94TXH)

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I am looking for some advice on a new receiver and since I can't seem to find reviews comparing and explaining it well enough I have come here. I am looking to keep it around $1500 and here are the main things I am looking for:

At least 4 HDMI inputs

Upconversion output to HDMI from any source (Any downfalls to this? My receiver and equipment will be on a seperate wall from the TV and looking to just run the HDMI cable for everything)

I have been looking at the following receivers and can't really make a decision between them:

Marantz SR7002, Yamaha RX-V1800, and the Pioneer VSX-94TXH.

I have a yamaha receiver now and it's been fine so far. I don't care for the DSPs that it has built in and I know the Yamaha has plenty more of those compared to the Marantz, but it doesn't do much for me. I also never really cared for the Yamaha receiver remote.

Anyways, enough rambling. If anyone has any advice, experience, anything to say on this, please let me know. Thanks.
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Bumping (just once) this because it got buried kinda fast...just looking for a quick comment or two. Thanks.
All 3 are good receivers and you can't go wrong with any of them. As far as which is better, that's all subjective and anything that anyone tells you is purely opinion. We all have different tastes and what sounds good to me, may not to you. The only real test would be to bring your top 2 (or all 3) home and hook them up to see how they sound with your system. If that's not an option, try to find a store that has all 3 hooked up to the same speakers and do a blind test to make your decision. No one here is going to be able to make the decision any easier because there are fans of all 3 that think they're the best. I too have a personal preference on your list (actually just ordered 1 of the 3 for myself), but it doesn't matter what I think.
I Thought Denon Would Sound Better Than The Yamaha. However, After Doing A Blind Test Using Sound Source From An Xm Radio Receiver At Best Buy, Magnolia, My Choice Was The Yamaha Rx-v1800bl. It Was Even Cheaper Than The Denon By $400. It Could Be That The Hdmi Route Blind Test Could Exhibit A Different Result, But Who Knows?
In my experience with current year models, the Marantz is the most neutral with a slight but definite preference for warmth. The Yammy has decent power reserves even when dipping into the 2ohm range, but is a hair bright. The Pio has even more power, although it requires a fair bit of tweaking to sound it's best and is brighter still than the Yammy.
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