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Hi, I'm planning to replace my existing system with an upgrade. I have around £10k to blow on a new system.

Currently use FLAC audio played in Mediamonkey outputted through a Soundblaster Creative X-Fi jack to a Marantz PM-66SE Ki Sig amp, and to B&W DM601 speakers. Pretty standard interconnects. I listen to all kinds of music from classical to jazz to rock to electronic.

One proposed system:

Source: FLAC stored on some kind of NAS to eliminate PC and hard disc noise, controlled by laptop/quiet PC; an external DAC, maybe a Benchmark or Audio Research DAC-7, Classe CAP-2100 integrated amp; B&W 804S speakers.

I understand that to get the most out of this kind of system, an external DAC is preferable to using the PCs soundcard for reasons of sound quality. What are your thoughts on this proposed system? Is it a suitable amp? I'm particularly interested in others opinions on using a PC-based player, any any problems this may bring (.e.g jitter, bit-perfect, etc).

Many thanks
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