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Advice on Polk Speakers

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I'm trying to decide on what pair of front speakers go get for a 5.1 system. I've narrowed it down to Polk's Monitor 40 or Polk's RTi6, or the Infinity MS-1. [I'm no longer considering Bose 301s].

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Out of that bunch, I'd do RTi6's in a heartbeat. Better finish, smoother highs and tighter bass.
That's not a fair comparison. You have to compare them to the Infinity Beta 20's. Listened to both today, still mulling it over.
Well, it's good you dropped the 301's out of the picture, now go listen to whatever falls into your price range and take home what you find pleasing to the ear and the eye !!!! Also do a little self-education before you go and research what the important factors are when looking at a speakers specs..... Ohms, sensitivity, power handling etc.... make sure you get what also compliments what's powering them i.e... your receiver. Good luck and happy hunting !!
I would be interested in hearing some comparisons of the 40, RTi4 and RTi6.
I'd go with the RTi6's the Monitor line is a step down from the RTi line, Real wood cabinets, Better drivers, Sound is great. And I'll bet they handle a lot more power.
Hate to hijack this thread but I listened to both the RTi4 and RTi6 yesterday. For some reason, my ears really like the 4's over the 6's. Maybe it was my wallet talking. But out of curiousity, how do these Polks sound vs. say Paradigm Atom/Titans and B&W 303's? Are they in the same category as far as temperture? (warm, neutral, laid back, etc?)
Here are some reviews:


Polk and Infinity comparison in here.


Polk and Paradigm here.

I offer all of these but one. I like all of these speakers and rec'd you take a listen. Hopefully, this helps some.
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It's been a while since I heard some really high end monitors but I would have to say they are not even close. Granted they were being driven by Onkyo and Harmon Kardon as opposed to Music Fidelity, Levinson or ARC but its still like comparing a Celica GT to a Porsche 911 Turbo. I was still surprisngly impressed until they were pushed hard and then things went South in a hurry. I would love to hear them crossed over rather high and mated with a good subwoofer, then I bet they would really shine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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