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Advice on problem with Mitsubishi Rebate

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Any suggestions who to contact for escalation on rebate being denied? Seems their rebate organization is not keeping with the spirit of the company or incentive offer despite providing proof of ownership. I bought the HC5500 projector which I'm very happy with and hope to get connected.

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Regardless of whether you provide proof of ownership if you don't send in the UPC code they won't approve it. Some manufacturers allow you to send in your receipt as well as a digital picture of the bottom of the unit, showing the serial#, and they approve it. Mitsubishi's 3rd party rebate company does not.
I sent in the wrong UPC with my initial submission (it did not have the serial #). When I got denied, I simply called them up and gave them the serial # and they re-processed it. I got my check but am still waiting for the bulb.

Their website is currently unavailable, so I'm not sure how to get in touch with them these days.
defjukie - they used to handle their rebates in-house and they were very lenient on the policies. Since the 3rd party company took over they no longer make acceptions like they did for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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