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I am current using my computer SB X-fi sound card and use its optical output to a "hand me down" Sony STR-DE915 with 5 speaker, Sony SS-V345, and 1 sub. It has serve me very well for the past year but I got a feeling that the amp is dyingn, as the dreaded "PROTECTOR" show up on screen. however, the lowest cost replacement i could find that have 5.1, optical in cost at least 200-300. I am not sure if I really want to invest so much on a bedroom pc sound system.

As stated above, I don't really need the video function of the receiver, only optical audio, hell, I don't even need control center since I only have 1 audio input, so I am wondering is there such a receiver that do 5.1 audio with optical-in with no selector as I only need something to power the speaker and the audio control. If it is no possible, is there a recommend one that don't cost over 150-200. If not, am I better off trying to find someone to repair my amp? Or should I go for a good quality 2.1 sound system? I am using my old logitech X540, it is ok but it lack the clear and loud sound of from the receiver.

I am thinking about RCA - Factory-Refurbished 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System with 200W Subwoofer from Best buy for 89.99, cheap and have optical audio.
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