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Hi All,

I'm looking for a receiver w/ the following requirements, but haven't had much luck finding one:

upconvert composite to component

5.1 surround sound

3+ component inputs

rf remote.

I moved into a new apartment w/ some sweet 5.1 built-in speakers and wall-mount bracket. All the wires go to a back closet, along w/ a component cable and twisted pairs to my wall-mounted plasma. If it was my own place, I'd run an 50ft hdmi cable between closet and plasma, but I really don't want to run and pay for cables - it's just component for me.

Some of the devices I'll be running:

wii (composite) (light bar through twisted pair)

blu ray (via 1080i component (no 1080p))

computer ( component)

hd tuner ( component)

Any receiver reccomendations? I'd like to keep it around 200 bucks.


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