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Advice on Sony 1270Q?

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Have a Sony 1270Q that was working fine except it was out of registration. I started using the remote to set it up and things were going nicely until I either hit the wrong combination of keys or the memory filled up but the machine just stopped responding. I could not enter data, move to a new screen or even turn the projector off with the keys on the remote or on the projector. I turned off the power strip and since that time the projector will power all of the way on. It starts up with the green, red and blue tubes starting and then after 20 to 30 seconds, just turns off again.

Is there a way to reset things so it will work or do I need to send it to a service place? thanks
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Locate the deflection board. It's the big one on the top of the projector that is hinged at the front. Remove the screws and tilt the deflection board up and out of the way. There is a metal arm to hold the deflection board in place.

The system board is housed in a metal cage between the red and green tubes. Remove this cage and locate the system board. It's the one nearest the red tube and has a 4 position DIP switch and a NO pushbutton switch near the top of the board.

With the unit powered on, change DIP switch position 1 to OFF, then depress the NO pushbutton. Change DIP switch position 1 back to ON. Use a non-metallic tool.


The usual precautions regarding lethal voltages apply.
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Tom, thank you for the advice. I did that and I could hear the system resetting the cpu or something so it probably solved the reset situation but not the start-up problem. Whenever I power it up, the green crt comes on immediately, then the red a few seconds later and then the blue a little after that. Once the blue comes on and all three are on for about five seconds all three crt's turn off and the projector powers off.

Any ideas? or is looking more like I should find a tech to look at it?


This sounds like a video issue. It could be the two video ouput boards that feed the tubes, or I've even had a similar problem on the video/S-video input board.

Sending the set to me would be cost prohitibitive, but if you pull the boards out, I can test them in a 1270 that I have here.

thanks, Curt, I have your email address from being on your list so I will send an email there and figure out how to pay you for the service and what cards to pull and ship to you. thanks
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