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Happy friday!

Well I am excited to inform that I have just completed the build of my new dedicated HTPC. I dont have any plans for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD playback on it but. It will primarily be used as a Media playback machine... (Apple Trailers, HD H264 Files, Divx & so forth)....

My Configuration is as follows:

- Biostar 6100-939 (350W PSU)

- AMD Athlon 64 3400 2.2Ghz.... overclocked to 2.64Ghz

- 1GB DDR400 RAM

- Asus EN7300LE NVidia GPU w/ 93.71 Forceware Drivers

- REALTEK AC97 Onboard Audio

- MCE 2005

I am feeding my HD70 via HDMI & my Yamaha RX-V1200 via Coax Digital.

MY pc is configured with the "Basic" FFDSHOW configuration... (considering trying out intermediate)

Ok, so I have configured FFDSHOW, Reclock & MPC to output 5.1 via Spdif... and it seems to be working well.

I have an unused Soundblaster Audigy Z2 card and I was wondering if you guys thought there would be any real quantifiable improvement with using that instead of the onboard audio. I used to use the SB to mixdown my music but I've since moved on to an Audiophile M-Audio card.

The cool thing about the SB card is that it has built in Firewire interface so by adding it I would also be adding a Firewire port to my HTPC. However, it's been some time since the Audigy Z2 was a hot item and by now I am thinking that onboard Audio is probably on par with it or maybe even better.... but I could be wrong.

Are there any quantifiable benefits to using the Audigy card over the onboard Realtek?
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