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Hi Everyone,

I have recently purchased a 5.0 Mirage Omni speaker setup, and I am looking for speaker stands for my rear satellite speakers. The speakers are actually bookshelf speakers, the Mirage Omni 150C:


The speaker stands I am contemplating are the following: Sanus

Natural Foundations 30 inch Speaker Stands


The dimensions of the speakers are 10.38" W x 12.00" H x 7.06" D

The top plate dimensions of the stands are 6" X 6"

The question I have is will the top plate safely support speakers that exceed its dimensions? Basically, will a 10.38" X 7.06" speaker safely sit on a 6" X 6" plate? It seems like it should to me, but perhaps there is someone with insight that could help me out.

Or, if anyone knows of any stands that work well for these speakers, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

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