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I need some advice and I am hoping this is the right place to post...

We are moving into our first home in 2 weeks and I am trying to make some decisions about what furniture might be getting left behind as well as making a shopping list

Originally my plan was to setup my 2.1 "home theater" gear in the living room and turn one of the small (12x11) spare bedrooms into an office/den/listening room.

With that in mind I bought a Rega turntable, Brio3 Integrated Amp, and some small monitor speakers.

Then I started laying out the room on grid paper and I am thinking I am trying to cram too many hobbies into a 12x11 space. Those hobbies being my gaming PC and listening to music.

So I got to thinking, maybe I should move the turntable down stairs and use my existing speakers.

With all that said...here is my question(s):

If I want to use the downstairs speakers, what is the best way to share the 2.1 setup with the turntable? I was thinking I could use the pre-outs on my current receiver and get a phono amp and run both of those into a 5.1 stand alone amp. Is that something that would work or am I way off?

If I am, then I will ask the more general question of, what is the best approach to connecting a turn table to an AVR that does not have a phono amp? Is a phono stage pre-amp the best option or do most AV receivers have a non-amplified input that I can run the Brio3 output to?

Thanks for bearing with this rather long winded post.


I should note that I am not married to using the Brio3 as my amp. If there are other solutions that require some investment (under ~$1000) then that's fine.
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