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Hi everyone, yeah, first post, been a lurker for a while, but think I'm going to need some extra input on this one.

So, I was initially going to grab the Onkyo HT S9100THX when it was going for $750, given the usual rave reviews, despite the "keep in mind it is a HTIB" caveat.

I missed that deal by no more than 5 minutes or, so, was informed when attempting to click "confirm order". So, given that, I decided to look around and see what I could pull together from individual parts in same price range, since the sellers I tend to trust have the onkyo retailing at 994$.

So, here's what I've come up with, my only issue is I'm really a neophyte when it comes to audio gear. Give me PC hardware and I can rank and classify price and performance for pretty much anything, but speakers, it's a new game, new language, new criteria. So, from everything I can tell, these following components SEEM to me like they're probably decent.

But, I'd be more than happy if anyone could explain why such a setup would be inferior to the onkyo htib, or suggest replacements for individual pieces, keeping it within a 100-200$ dollar range from what it amounts to now.

So here goes:

-Pioneer 7-Channel A/V Receiver VSX-919AH-K $319.99

It seems like what the step-up 1019 has going for it is an extra hdmi port, and a good video upscaling system. Frankly I don't watch much sd content, and I'd probably rely on the tv (Samsung PN50B650) or actual Blu-Ray player (PS3) or HD-DVD (360 add-on) to handle that.

-Polk Audio Monitor 40 Pair (rear surrounds) $149.99

-Polk Audio PSW505B 12" Powered Subwoofer $249.99

-Polk Audio CS1 Black Center Channel $99

- Polk Audio TSi200 Loudspeaker Pair (front speakers) $199.01

Total = $1,018.97

So, there it is, I eagerly await your guys input, And I'll try my best to keep this from turning into a "please do all the work and build my system for me" thread, though if anyone feels like going to that trouble, feel free.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, one other thing, considering swapping tsi200 and cs1 for 2x Monitor 70s and cs2, jumping price to $1,329.94.

Is it worth the jump? (looking like I probably won't, 300$ is more than I want to add on, but if it's a huge leap, and most people think it's worth it, I might reconsider.

Also, I'm aware it's a 5.1 system with a 7.1 receiver, plan was to bi-amp fronts, since lack of 7.1 source material generally makes that worthless imo. Also, the dimensions of area it would need to fill are fairly small 11.5 feet by 13 feet.
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