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Advice sought urgently

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Hello friends,

I need help to decide on what to buy. I got a Samsung 5 series HDTV with DLNA and a WDTV (non-live). I have a huge collection of movies and dvd's which I want to backup and play them both with WDTV as well as directly on TV. I need help to decide which is the best between the following options :

1) NAS (Buffalo linkstation live 1 TB) which has network capability to connect to the WDTV. The drawback is no DVD menu navigation by the older WDTV.

2) WDTV Live Plus and a portable 1 TB HDD (Possibly Seagate Go Flex). This is an expensive option considering I already have a WDTV.

3) WDTV Live Hub (with built-in 1TB HDD). Drawback is file transfer only through network which can be very slow. Also, not yet launched in my city.

Will appreciate if someone picks out the best option or advises on a better option which I have not listed here. Thanks in advance.
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