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I have owned a Epson TW2000 for around 8 years and its served me well. Before that i had a Panny AE1000 which was also a fine projector.

I want to get something new however.

In the UK i can get the Pannasoic AE8000 for around £1200 ($1800),

The epson TW92000 (5030UB) is £1850 ($2775), but the official UK price is closer to £2800 but thanks to the falling euro rate its cheap to buy in the UK from amazon germany.

these seem pretty well similar review wise in the USA and seem to be compared close to each other and were originally priced quite similar (at least in the USA)

The sony 40ES is priced at around £1850 (no 3d glasses though). In the UK the sony is usually put up against the TW7200 (i dont know the USA equivalent) and tends to come out on top but i dont know how it compares to the more expensive TW9200

The JVC X500 is around £3000

I dont have a man cave just a normal living room so the benefits of the superior blacks of the JVC are wasted on me.

basically is the panny still a viable contender or should i concentrate on the epson or sony.
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