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ae-100 rgb calibration with fl-d filter

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can some that has the same setup as myself offer recommendations regarding settings...

i have the ae100, prog scan dvd hooked up though a vga transcoder via vga input to the ae100, and a hoya fl-d filter...

what are your RGB settings using the above setup?

how about settings for brightness and contrast?

any help would be appreciated...
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I think your better off trying something like a THX calibration that you can find on most THX labeled DVD's. I use a HOYA PL filter for my projecter and find it much better the the FL-day filter.

Note, its hard to give you some figures on how you system should be like. You know difrent screen, ambient lighting ect. ect. Run the THX calibration and you should be fine

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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