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Acronyms - Their initialization - Short-and-simple explanation. This collection is concentrated on acronyms commonly used in the "OLED Display Devices" forums.

I have another post about audio/bass Acronyms. Click here to see them.

As this for the everyone's benefit, please....
Post what acronyms you need to understand.
Post what acronyms you know, but others might not know.
Post what acronyms you can decode.
Post what the best definition is.
I will consolidate them in post 2.

Reason for doing this - reading AVS I come across acronyms everyday that I don't know, and I don't want to interrupt the thread and appear a doffus for not knowing. I figured that if I don't know all the acronyms and meaning, then others probably don't either.

Note 1: A term's meaning is often dependent on the context in which it was used, as well as the (unknown) intent of the poster.

Note 2: Some of these might not technically /grammatically be acronyms, but are included anyways because they look like acronyms. Besides, this is not a grammar forum.

Note 3: Anything done wrong is my fault. I apologize. If this was helpful to you, you're welcome.

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?? = I don't know what the acronym stands for, or I don't have a good explanation.
The color green means a manufacturer/retailer or a manufacturer/retailer related term.

A1E - Not an acronym. A 2017 Sony US model OLED.
ABL - Automatic Brightness Limiter - "Feature" in some tvs, to limit how bright the tv is allowed to get.
ARC - Audio Return Channel - Device technology that uses a single HDMI connection to send Dolby Digital, PCM, or DTS audio from a TV to the AVR (or soundbar). Without ARC, 2 HDMI cables would be needed: AVR to TV, TV to AVR. All HDMI cables (>= 1.4 spec) will support ARC functionality when connected to ARC-enabled devices. Website.
ATV - Apple TV - Streaming content provider and device manufacturer/retailer. Apple is an American multinational conglomerate corporation Website
AVS - AVS Forum began back in 1999, when home-theater buff David Bott decided to launch a Web-based forum for like-minded aficionados in collaboration with online retailer AV Science, from which the forum's name was derived.

BB - Best Buy - Electronics / entertainment retailer. Website.
BFI - Black Frame Insertion - A method (perhaps used on LEDs and OLEDs) to remove the perception of motion blur by inserting a full screen of black in between the original content frames.
B7A - Not an acronym. A 2017 US LG OLED model. Comes in 55" and 65" sizes.

CES - Consumer Electronics Show - A consumer electronics industry trade show held in early January in Las Vegas where new products, such as tvs, projectors, audio), are introduced / promoted .
C7P - Not an acronym. A 2017 US LG OLED model number. Comes in 55" and 65" sizes.

DB - De-Blur. De-blur is a control to reduce/remove the perception of image blurring.
DJ - De-Judder. De-judder is a control to reduce/remove the perception of image 'stuttering'. Stuttering is a result of the mismatch between the refresh rate of a TV panel and the frequency at which the video was shot. Most often noticed during shots with camera movement (i.e. panning shots).
DTS - Digital Theater Systems - A series of digital sound technologies (codecs) owned by the company of the same name. The acronym means Digital Theater Systems, and is a backronym for Dedicated To Sound. Website.
DV - Dolby Vision - An alternate HDR format from Dolby Laboratories. Website

eARC - Enhanced Audio Return Channel - In HDMI 2.1, this is an augmented version of the old (i.e. spec 1.4) ARC.

FALD = Full-Array Local Dimming: An array of individual LEDs, grouped into zones, that backlights those zones of the LCD panel. There are edge-lit LEDs.

HT - Home Theater - Your audio/visual equipment and setup, and/or the "special" room it is in.

IR - Image Retention - A temporary ghost image of something that had been shown on the TV (like the Discovery Channel logo, or Fox News breaking news scroll).
ISF- Imaging Science Foundation - A group interested in display imaging quality, standards, calibration. Website

FI - Frame Interpolation - a form of video processing in which intermediate animation frames are generated between existing ones by means of interpolation, in an attempt to make animation more fluid and to compensate for display motion blur.

HD - High Definition - In general this means more pixels than Standard Definition (which is usually 480i or 576i). There are 2 standard HD formats (in pixels): 1280 wide x 720 high, or 1920 wide by 1080 high.
HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface - One cable that can carry both uncompressed video and sound. Also the group responsible for developing the standards. Website
HDR - High Dynamic Range - Refers to expanded range of color and contrast versus SDR. There are competing alternate 'standards' on how to practically implement.
HDR10 - An alternate HDR format from the Consumer Technology Association.
HDR10+ - An alternate HDR format from Samsung and Amazon.
HLG - Hybrid Log-Gamma - An alternate HDR format from BBC and NHK.

LCD - Liquid-Crystal Display - A display that uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals. Because liquid crystals do not emit light directly, they need backlighting (usually by LEDs).
LED - Light-Emitting Diode - A semiconductor light source. Also is used to refer generically to that type of tv.
LG - Lucky-Goldstar (Korean: Leogki Geumseong) - A backronym for their tag line: "Life's Good". LG is a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation. Maker of OLED tvs. Website

NIT - NITere, from latin for 'to shine'. A 'slang' term (i.e. not in the International System of Units) for luminance (which is the measurement, in Candela, of light emission per surface area). 1 NIT = 1 Candela per square meter.

OLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diode - A light-emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current.
OP - Original Poster - Person that started the thread.
OSD - On Screen Display

PCM - Pulse Code Modulation - A common industry method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. Sometimes called Linear PCM or LPCM.
PQ - Picture Quality - Subjective term about how good the display looks to the observer.

QD - Quantum Dots - Semiconductor nanocrystals which can produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light.
QLED - Quantum dot Light-Emitting Diode - LED display technology (used by Samsung, TCL, and Hisense) that uses quantum dots for color refinement.

SDR - Standard Dynamic Range - Refers to a "limited" range of color and contrast versus HDR.
SOE - Soap Opera Effect - Description given to "too much" motion smoothing. LG's motion smoothing setting is called TruMotion.

UHD - Ultra-High Definition - Refers to one of two resolutions (in pixels): 3,840 wide x 2,160 tall (commonly referred to as 4k or 4k UHD), or 7680 wide by 4320 high (commonly referred to as 8k or 8k UHD).

VRR - Variable Refresh Rate - Announced feature of HDMI spec. 2.1 that is designed to handle 'on the fly' variance of frame refresh rates. Games and game systems could use this to match the speed at which they can render frames, thus reducing or eliminating lag, stutter and frame tearing in game play.

WAF - Wife Acceptance Factor - Often a very important limiting resource as to spending, decorating, placement.
WCG - Wide Color Gamut - A color gamut which is wider (i.e. shows more colors) than Rec. 709. A color gamut is a subset of all possible colors.
WOW - World Of Wonder - Calibration and optimization blu-ray by Walt Disney. Website

YTTV - YouTube TV - streaming content provider. Website

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Reserved for future use.

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Reserved again for future use.

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Reserved once again for future use.

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It is NOT true that all HDMI cables support ARC. Cables made before the 1.3 standard often didn't have those pins connected at all since they didn't have a purpose yet. You may not be likely to encounter such a cable of course, but they do exist.

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alternative definition for PQ:

Perceptual Quantizer: one of several Electro-Optical Transfer Functions (EOTF) defined for HDR video. It is an implementation of the Barten Contrast Sensitivity Function developed by Dolby Laboratories. The implementation has since been incorporated into SMPTE ST 2084 which is the specified EOTF for HDR10 and DV.

EOTF: Electro-Optical Transfer Function: Describes how to turn digital code words into visible light. It is a replacement for a related power function commonly referred to as "gamma" that was derived from the performance of CRT-based devices.

SMPTE: Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers. Professional society for those involved with the technical and engineering processes used in creating and displaying motion pictures and television. SMPTE creates technical standards, recommended practices, and engineering guidelines for the industry.

scott s..

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FALD = Full Array Local Dimming: An array of individual LEDs configured in zones that backlights an LCD panel. Each zone is responsible for a certain area of the screen. If a zone is lit, and an adjacent zone isn't lit, you could see a halo/bloom as that part of the screen becomes brighter than its neighboring zone. This artifact is commonly known as "blooming." Therefore, the more zones, the better. At its best, FALD produces the best images you can get with an LCD panel.
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