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AE Drivers - Sanity Check - Vol vs Fsc vs Qtc

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Need some confirmation that my modelling is at least on the right track. Looking at getting some more AE drivers.
Having little confidence in my WinISD modelling.

As you notice below I am struggling to believe a TD8 in 4L will outdo a TD10 in 20L roughly between 100 + 300Hz.
It is only about 1 - 1.5db but still. All drivers are receiving 250W.

Here I tried to match the TD10 Qtc values

Here I set the box size to the same 11L

The TD10S in 9L matches the Fsc of the TD10X in 11L. No major changes to response.

The goal of the driver is to be part of a 3 way and will need to cover 80 to 400-450hz or there about.

Looking for help regarding the following:

1 - What are the comments and suggestions regarding the TD10 options (X vs S) for the planned usage.
2 - What 'real world' importance to give to Fsc vs Qtc in this planned usage.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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