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I am currently an AE100 user whos already bit by upgraditis!

I know the current hot PJ list ie; lp-z1, HS10, AE200/300, Z90u, X1 and the list goes on !

I am however able to get Sharp products at a good price now !

The reason I'm interested in the M20s is that I have to trade at a no

What I want to know is if I'll enjoy the M20s more than the AE100.

Less screendoor, more film like, better blacks, higher contrast, more lumens,

bigger 4:3 while same size 16:9.

I don't know if I'm susceptible to rainbows or headaches or if they are reduced due to the 3x color wheel.

Also is the dlp in the sharp the same as the 12 degree chip that they are talking about in the X1

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

Thanks John
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