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Aerial Model 5's as surround speakers?

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Hello Aerial fans,

I am looking for a set of surround speakers to pair with my Aerial Model 7's. I haven't had much luck finding a set of SR3's, and mounting them for me would be a challenge anyway.

I have seen a couple of pairs of Model 5's on Audiogon recently, and these might be a workable surround solution for me. I'm not looking for something the size of the LR's, and I don't have a good wall to really mount surrounds on (I was going to ceiling mount the SR's). But I could get a set of stands for the 5's to put them in reasonable positions...

So my question is, has anyone used a set of Model 5's as surround speakers? Or anyone that owns / has owned the 5's, I would appreciate any comments you might have?

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The Model 5's will do just fine. And, it you are into multi-channel audio as well, they will be wonderful.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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