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I have a 46" Sony Bravia XBR series LCD HDTV and since last fall experiencing brief signal loss every few seconds.

I normally have a large rotary Yagi antenna distributing decent signal to all of my TVs.

After first seeing this issue, I disconnected this antenna cable and tried a couple of antennas indoor (a rabit ears, then a well rated butterfly antenna with a reflector).

The result is similar in spite of the good metrics I get from the TV signal diagnostics: I get SNR over 28-32dB, IF-IGC below 35% and the signal strength meter is usually over 80 out of 100.

The only thing that doesn't seem right is the errors field displaying brief bursts anywhere from 4 to 250 errors for a fraction of a second exactly when I lose the sound and the picture locks up or squares then quickly back to perfect image and 0 errors.

That happens every 2-10 seconds and on pretty much all the channels, otherwise perfect image even on HD 5.1 program. Needless to say how annoying this gets after a while.

All the other TV features/inputs/streaming/etc work flawlessly.

So, bottom line, I changed antennas, cables, I have the proof for good signal strength and quality, and I live 6-15 miles from these TV towers.

I am out of ideas at this point.

Can anyone help or think of something?
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