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affordable 50" plasma

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affordable 50" plasma is there such a thing, i was looking at the pany 25u or thinking of waiting for the newer 50u coming in march, but then i started to thinking maybe if i stretch my budget a bit more maybe i can get a 50 incher. bigger is better and my room is big enough, what is out there thats a little more affordable but thanks...
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You mention "affordable", and "budget" but you never said what they were.

You also mention your room is big, but once again not enough info, no mention of dimension.

Help us help you with providing us with more info.
If you click on the sponsor link above for Visual Apex you will see that the commercial version of the Panny display is pretty inexpensive (less than the retail of the 42" HD version). You just lose the tuner and stand, if you have cable or DBS you will be ok (you can rent a cable box for many years for the price of upgrading to a model with cable ready).
sorry about that, my room is about 16x20, i would be sitting about 16 feet away from were i want to put the plasma, my budget was about 2500.00 i was looking at the panny 25u, but thought maybe if i bring my budget around 3000.00 i could get into the 50 inchers, what do you guys think...
You have to stretch it to around $5000 for a decent quality 50" plasma at this time, it will get cheaper in the future though.
At 16-feet away a 50" would be ideal. Like others have suggested, it would be best to wait it out a little longer (if you can) to see how prices go. It would require a $1K+ price drop to reach your budget. However, if you can increase your buget over time and at the same time prices are decreasing, you might hit a price point that works for you.

I think if would worth the wait for the larger screen, given your room dimensions.
We are in close out season. When BB closed out the Pioneer 5040, they were well below 4K after rebates and gift cards. When these deals pop up, you need to jump quickly.
Originally posted by david8613
bigger is better
In some areas of life this is a true general statement, but not here in TV land.

There's only so many pixels in the HD signal that broadcasters are transmitting today, sp as the TV screen gets larger, the bigger the pixels have to be.

ie. a 65" screen doesn't get more "information" (HD or DVD or SD signal) than a 50", it essentially stretches the same "information" to fill the larger surface area.

So with respect to PQ detail, smaller is better.
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