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AFI Top "400" Films You Would Like To See On HDM (& ones not in the AFI list...)

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Hi All,

I was going through the AFI top 100 and top 300 (essentially top 400) and thinking of which (hopefully most) will come out on HDM. Then I got thinking of some big oversights that should have been in the list.

Anyways, an example of a great film that (to me anyways) was an oversight on the AFI lists and would be great on HDM is The Elephant Man.

Films on the top 100 I would like to see include:
Citizen Cane

The Godfather 1&2

Gone With The Wind

Lawrence Of Arabia

The Wizard Of Oz

The African Queen

I could go on... I would want about 60 of these top 100 movies on HDM.

Of the top 300 there are a whack I would love to see:
Alien (give me Aliens or just do a Blu-Ray box set)
An Affair To Remember
Back To The Future (again I will just buy the whole darned trilogy like I did on DVD)
Beauty And The Beast


The Big Sleep



Jeesh I could go on and on and make this post way too long!

Maybe we could try to come up with a top 30 or something to help the studios along.

So, what are the top 30 or so AFI films you would like to see on HDM and 5-10 great movies (like The Elephant Man) that for some reason didn't make the AFI list.
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I know this isn't the point of your post, but Elephant Man is out on HD DVD (as an import).

Originally Posted by baytoLA /forum/post/12875172

I know this isn't the point of your post, but Elephant Man is out on HD DVD (as an import).

I didn't know that! I would recommend this title highly to any HD-DVD owner who hasn't seen it. Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt are amazing in this flick. The sets and lighting are great as well.
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