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After 2.4, what is needed for PSN?

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I saw this posted over at N4G and would like to get some serious views (I hate all the flame wars that go on over on that site) on what people think is needed after FW 2.4. Click here for the link.

Seeing as how we might finally be getting in game music, in-game XMB and a Trophy system, what else is there that could be added?

Personally I would like to see the ability to change Display settings from the PS button while I am in a game. I do force my machine to 720P or 1080i for certain games (I don't have a 1080P TV). Also, and this is a minor thing, but I would like them to change the game startup sound and animation. I personally find the ding-ding-ding sound kind of lame. Why can't they use the sound and animation from the commercials?

See I am grasping at straws for things to be added after FW 2.4. I am sure alot of you will come up with a lot more technical things to be added or changed, but all that is over my head.

So what else do you want after FW 2.4?

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Backwards compatability on the 40gb models. I'm not worried about that because I have a 60 but it would be nice for others and if I get a 2nd PS3 someday.
We don't even know what in detail with all the news about 2.4 we will actually be able to do. I will hold my excitement until we get actual details on what exactly you will do. Fully aware we will have access but how far? We know cross game chat and invite but not a standard across the board.
I'd like PSP functionality with the video files.

It's mind boggling that it doesn't have that already.
The PS3 has improved quite a bit from the very spartan functionality it had at launch. What would I like to see? I'd like to see a PSP emulator combined with some high profile PSP games being offered for download. I would like to play something like Metal Gear: Portable Ops, but I'm not so motivated to do so that I would consider buying a PSP at this time.
I think I remember hearing that all PS3 downloadable games will eventually be remote-playable on PSP (via a PSP firmware update, not PS3).
Better functionality as a media player/media center. (ie. a more functional music and video browser).

A better web browser that works with more web pages (like pandora.com)

The ability to watch netflix movies on demand.

A way to change or eliminate the sound that plays when you turn on the PS3.

Support for "gadgets" like a local weather app.

Just some thoughts.
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Originally Posted by nihilan /forum/post/14123295

Better functionality as a media player/media center. (ie. a more functional music and video browser).

I'd really like this.

It'd be nice to be able to just browse to my shared windows drive and play the videos directly without having to run tversity and transcode and stream them.
Access to your friends', PSN friend list.

We have roughly 200+ members of TWW and would love to make some generic TWW usernames and let everyone just add those few generic names to their PSN friend list and be able to see everyone in the clan.
1. Improved File organization

2. Improved web browser (Flash 9)

3. Netflix on demand

4. NTFS read / copy

5. Direct install of downloaded content (a la Xbox)

6. PSone & PS2 games for download

7. Bitstream HD audio
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The web browser is certainly annoying. Why I do have to tell it to run the flash thing every single time I go to a new page??

Real iPod support would be nice (the 360 is MUCH better at playing music off an iPod).
Just from what I have heard of 2.4, it addresses virtually every complaint I had with the system when I bought it. Sony needs to start putting a lot more content on PSN, especially PSOne games. What they have on there is embarrassing and there is so much they could do with it. I'd also like them to add more avatar pictures, or at least let us use our own, as a stopgap until Home.

Originally Posted by IeraseU /forum/post/0

I'd like to see a PSP emulator combined with some high profile PSP games being offered for download.

Why would they do that? PSP is their top selling hardware.
Since we don't know exactly how much "In Game XMB" is gonna come with 2.4, I'll assume we'll see improvements to the feature over time.

However the main thing I would like to see is a different way to handle music, video and game files. I don't like scrolling down a list. It compells me to delete stuff.


Originally Posted by number1laing /forum/post/14123650

Sony needs to start putting a lot more content on PSN, especially PSOne games.


I would love download more of the classics and play them on my PSP. Have you seen the Japanese store? There are TONS of PSOne games there.
I would like to see a few things:

1) Improved browser support for javascript and CSS (they should switch to Opera,Firefox, or webkit, thus ensuring standards compliance and HTML5 support)

2) Improved browser speed

3) Improved memory use in browser

4) Improved/Newer version of Adobe Flash v9

5) Movie and Music downloads/rentals

6) More children's/educational games (e.g. Dora)

7) Skype support (with video), if the PSP can have i am sure they can do it on the PS3 (even better)

8) Home
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I agree that the browser is barely adequate, Firefox would be nice. Being able to change video and audio parameters in-game like you can with BD/DVD would be great too.
Here's my wishlist...

* Stereo audio output via bluetooth or USB

* PSP functions ported into the PS3: internet radio, skype, RSS

* flash support in browser
disk defrag
speaking of downloads.....it seems to take forever to download a firmware update. how long could we expect a movie download to take once that functionality arrives??? I just don't understand why the PS3 downloads are always so slow when my PC internet speeds are so fast.
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