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Hi All

Have placed this ticket with digital-everywhere, does anyone experience anything similar.


Maybe you guys can help me understand why I have this problem.

On my previous installation Vista 32Bit with TV pack I had a perfect working installation.

Suspend/resume always working, then after an update, not sure which. I suddenly had to close MCE and restart ehrecvr service in order to view or record tv.

I rolled back in time and the problem went away.

I now have Win7 RTM installed, due to my msdn subscription, and here the problem is right out of the box.

To circumvent the problem I have installed MST Tool, which automatically closes MC and runs a net stop ehrecvr before suspend.

But why is occuring ?

I have a HP laptop with built in dvb-t tuner, running Vista HP, here I also periodically have this problem. Again I circumvent it by using the before mentioned MST Tool and net stop command.

Google has always been my friend, but not in this case, maybe you guys have seen this problem before.

When I went to view live TV, a message would be: "the tuner is busy" or "no tuner available"

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