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I have a Samsung 40" LCD TV. LN-T4065F. A red haze (red shadow, red mist) began appearing the dark black areas of the screen (after only 2 years).

Calls to Samsung were unproductive. I had a service tech look at the set, who informed me I had a bad T-CON board, and that it couldn't be ordered unless bundled with the panel! This would be uneconomical, so I didn't go that route.

Since I was looking at a total loss anyway, I took a chance and ordered a T-CON card from a online used parts outfit and replaced the card. Presto!! Red haze is gone, and TV still works. Wonderful. But now, we're getting discoloration (blue, green, red, yellow spots) on the screen where there's fast motion.

I'm wondering if I've simply exchanged one bad T-CON card for another, or if perhaps I need to have an expert recalibrate or otherwise monkey with the service menu settings of the unit. Any thoughts? I'd love to get some opinions from this forum.


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