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Ahanix D.Vine 5 Owners - What DVD drive do you use?

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Like the title says, what drives are Ahanix D.Vine 5 owners using? I just ordered my case and it should arrive shortly, but I haven't decided on a DVD-Rom yet. From what I've been reading, most users use AnyDVD to control the drive speed, but I'm wondering if any particular DVD-Rom drive performs better than others (noise-wise).

Also, I know it has a replacement drive tray cover to match the case. How does this attach to the DVD-Rom tray? Double-sided tape or does it just slide on and replace the old tray cover?
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Can't help with the quiet drive as my Sony 1612 isn't that quiet. The tray cover is attached by double sided tape. Just remove the original plastic cover (easiest to do while opened) from the cd drive and then tape the metal one on.
I tried a few recommended DVD-ROM drives and am still unhappy with the "quiet" Lite-On drive I've got now. Its silent except for at start up, I don't know if it gets better than that. This is without any speed controller. The drive cover attaches with double sided tape.
I also just ordered this case and was wondering the same.. I ready somewhere that LG drives fit nicely in the case but I'm not sure about their noise...

What is AnyDVD?
Plextor 712 works fine in my D5. You can adjust the DVD spinning speed with the SW utility they provide.
I use a Samsung T-H552. I'm able to park an ATI 9800 Pro right behind it. Video card length is also a concern when choosing a DVD for the D5.

Can't hear this drive at all during DVD playback. Then again the CPU fan (Intel stock) noise is all I hear. Video card runs the Arctic Silencer I. No additional software running that I'm aware of.

I was initially worried the drive door cover wasn't going to fit but it did. The DVD and HD fit in a tray that possibly could be shimmed up if your door is too low. If it is already too high you're SOL.
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