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Aiming Atmos speakers

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Hey all,

I have (4) Klipsch CDT-3650 II's for a front and rear Atmos ceiling setup. The speakers are equidistant from the MLP (fronts are 2ft in front on either side of the couch and rears are same except 2ft behind). For the CDT's, the tweeters can be aimed for direct on-axis response but I wasn't sure if it is advised to aim Atmos speakers directly at the MLP or leave them pointed down and let them have a more ambient sound effect. Especially since the Klipschs usually have a good dispersion size.

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googled them . . .

post a picture - seating, speaker placement, front sound stage , distances

and what type of REQ are you using

aiming for 1 seat, i row, ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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