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Hello all!


I've been having problems with AirPlay lately. My Yamaha is part of a wired network, and I have a Mac playing iTunes pretty much 24/7. It has worked like a charm for a year and a half now, but lately the Mac has had trouble "seeing" the Yamaha. Sometimes while trying to connect to the Yamaha in the AirPlay device selection of iTunes (either directly using the Mac or through the Remote app on the iPhone), the connection fails and the Yamaha item disappears from the menu, and doesn't reappear until after several minutes of trying. I haven't usually rebooted, so I can't say if that helps.


But most annoyingly, even when the iTunes succeeds in streaming the music to the Yamaha, the Yamaha remote control doesn't seem to be able to control iTunes anymore, meaning that pressing the play, pause, next and previous etc buttons just won't work. The led blinks but nothing happens.


I installed the latest Yamaha firmware last week, and there was no change. I'm running all the latest Mavericks and iTunes versions. This may be because of some specific iTunes update, but I can't pinpoint the change in behaviour to any specific point in time or any specific version of anything.


I will also check out iTunes forums, but I thought some of you might have run into this same problem. My other AirPlay clients, however, seem to work fine, so this may be an issue with the amp.


All hints appreciated,


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