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AIW DVD4.1 audio sync & menu nav problems

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I have an ASUS/Athlon/ME HTPC that uses an AIW Radeon 32DDR for TV & DVD playback and have had numerous problems with Audio sync in the TV & dvd playback, plus hang-ups with dvd menu navigation.

I have tried all sorts of different things that I read about in this and other forums but have found no good solution to all the problems at the same time. i.e. I can make one issue go away but when I fix another then something else stops working perfectly.

I currently use the AIW SPDIF output for DVD audio and the onboard crappy CMI sound that icame with the Asus MB for the wave and line in/out analog stuff.

I am seriously considering buying a soundcard with digital outs and dumping the ATI software/onboad SPDIF all together. I have used WinDVD in the past and have a licensed copy so I would use that with digital out going to the external receiver. My question is that now I am introducing an additional device and presumably extra traffic over the bus between the AIW & the new soundcard to output the audio that wasn't required before as all the decoding was done on the AIW....

Will I introduce new problems or additional audio lag for DVD's?

Am I still able to benefit from the hardware accelleration on the AIW?

What are the other downsides?

What soundcard is recommended these days, doesn't seem like there are many to choose from any more?

I also play mp3 & ogg audio files that have previously used the analog output to the external receiver, will this enable me to send a digital output for this audio too?

Lots of questions, constructive answers appreciated.

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