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AIW Radeon and Hipix

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Has anyone managed to get the All in Wonder capabilities of the AIW Radeon working while having the Hipix in their system? Ideally, I'd like to be able to use both without rebooting, but a way to disable the hipix to get the AIW working again, without removing would be a step in the right direction.

Anybody know if the new telemann software helps with this?

Will the 8500DV co-exist with a hipix?
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Gee, I'm using both the Hipix and the AIW radion under windows 2000. The only problems I have with this setup are the problems each application has on its own.
So you can still capture video, and watch tv with the AIW radeon? What version of the MMC and Hipix softwares are you using?
I have radeon VIVO working with HiPix without problems in win2K. I have an rebooting issue when running hipix in a windowed mode but it it's my SB audigy causing the problem.
So on a related, but off-, topic: I've been trying to find someone that has experience with the AIW and the DTV-200. With the obvious feature of HD set aside, what's the difference? If you've got HD on the Telemann, why would you also be running the AIW?

A very related question (likely to be part of anyone's response), how do the software packages stack up between the two?

NOTE: I searched through the archives here at AVS for this information and could not find an answer to this. If the answer alreasy exists, please feel free to save your energy and if you could point me to it, I'd be very appreciative.

Well, I think I have to sheepishly withdraw my question.

A little bit before I installed my hipix, I setup netmeeting to do desktop sharing. I read someplace after install of hipix that ATI AIW radeon had a conflict with Hipix, so I accepted the loss of my ntsc video capture for the time being.

As a result of people posting that it worked fine for them I dug around ATIs site, which suggests to solutions to the problem I was haivng: 1) quit background apps, especially video confereng or video capture 2) install directx 8.0a digital video update

I had already installed the digital video update, but I tried re installing it, but it asked me if I wanted to reboot and I was downloading something else. Then it occurred to me to try and turn off netmeeting desktop sharing. which I did. I was then able to use the ATI multimedia center and get TV input.

So thank you to those of you who corrected my mistaken belief that there was a conflict.

And for all you people having a problem with ATI AIW, check and make sure netmeeting or other conferencing software isn't the source of the conflict.

Sorry hipix for blaming you!
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I gave up. Pulled the AIW and put in their basic 32meg DDR and all is well.
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