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I've been reading the boards for a few weeks now and was hoping to find some info on a difficulty I'm having with the AIW Radeon SPDIF out. After installing MMC 7.0 and enabling SPDIF in the DVD player I can get Dolby digital sound to my receiver using the AV out cables on the back of the AIW, but I can't get any DVD sound from my SBLive! 5.1. I can live with this setup.

However, when replaying captured MPEG-2 video from the ATI TV proggie the sound plays for a fraction of a second, then drops out. This does not just occur at the beginning of the clip either, if I advance to the middle the same thing happens, so it's not a case of a corrupted file. The strange thing is I have the same thing happen whether I'm using the ATI file player or the Microsoft media player. This does not occur with MPEG-1 or AVI.

So I figure that if I upgrade to MMC 7.1 it might get rid of the problem. Sure enough, it does! Now I can even hear captured files that I made before the upgrade. However....

In order to install MMC 7.1 I have to uninstall the previous version, including the DVD player. So after installing MMC 7.1 I have to install DVD player 4.1. Now I can't get the SPDIF out to work! Strangely, for the first time I'm getting DVD sound out of my sound card. It is connected to my receiver using the 6-ch connection; I would prefer to use the SPDIF from the AIW, since that way I'm certain I'm getting true DD. No matter what I have tried (installing latest DVDGenie, following the Radeon guide at dtvmax.com, flicking the SPDIF checkbox on and off, restarting the DVD player) I can't get SPDIF back. This occurs even though I allowed the uninstaller to save my user settings.

Has anyone encountered this problem and been able to get past it? Currently I am back to MMC 7.0 (thank you Norton Ghost), but once again I'm having trouble with MPEG-2 sound.


Intel Pentium III 700E FC-PGA [cC0 Stepping] OC @933MHz, Alpha cooler

Asus CUSL2-C 815EP Motherboard

128MB Mushkin High Performance REV2 PC133 (2-2-2)

IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45GB ATA100

Seagate Barracuda 30GB ATA66

Pioneer DVD-106SB Slot Entry

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon AGP

Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1

Antec KS780B ATX Desktop Case (PP253X power supply, Silencer 80mm case fan)

...27" Sony Trinitron (please be kind)
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