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I currently have Audioengine A5.

I am confused between the above two options.

So far I am bending towards the Aktimate Mini+, the price for both is pretty much the same, so that doesn't matter.

What I have read so far:

Audioengine A5 vs epoz aktimate mini

This guy went from Usher 520 + Icon to Akimate mini and considers it a big upgrade. And ushers are already ahead of wharfs.

AudiogoN Forums: Best budget speakers for near-field/small space

This guy auditioned Wharfedale 10.1 but was blew away by the Aktimate Mini (old), so he preferred Aktimate's after auditioning both.

I also read of a guy who went from Polk monitors to Aktimate and was blew away.


I have auditioned Wharf 10.1 + Marantz (and I own A5) and although they seem like a small to medium upgrade, they lack the wow factor of my current A5s. The bass is better and the clarity is very slightly better, but they don't wow you and are definitely not a big upgrade from what I have at home.

But from what I have read, nobody refutes the fact that Aktimate's blow away A5s out of the water so they seem like a safe bet.

The thing is I can't audition Aktimate's in New Delhi.

Has anybody heard both of them and can shed some light?

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