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Alan - possible workaround for HT1000/anamorphic lens

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If the HT1000 has horizontal/vertical size adjustments with sufficient range and that can be saved to memory, lack of horizontal squeeze for use with an anamorphic lens in place could be handled like this:

Reduce horizontal size 10%, increase vertical size 8% (would crop top and bottom 4% each). This would leave a tolerable 7% distortion; IIRC the RCA DTC100 had the same distortion which people said was not noticeable.

It would be even less with an ISCO, which I believe expands vertically about 4% in addition to its 25% horizontal stretch.

Alan,. speaking of the ISCOII, have you tried it with the HT1000? The lens looks pretty big, and with the short throw seems like the ISCOII might give excessive barrel (or is it pincushion?) distortion.

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Hi Noah

Yes the isco works but you need to zoom the nec to its smallest size and you still get pin cushion.

Not pretty. The Panamorph works great though.

I wish they had a long throw lens option for this projector.
Hi Alan,

If masked properly is the pincushion unacceptable in your opinion?

Any thoughts on the workaround?

I've got an iscan v2 that I was going to use for the squeeze, but it puts out 480P and I don't want to give up the Faroudja processing (I would be giving up all the Far enhancements in addition to deinterlacing, right?).

Is there such a thing as a 480i in/480i out scaler (that's not a PC)?

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The pincushion is bad.

Yes if you enter the projector in a progressive signal you've bypassed all the goodies. I do not know of anything that does a 480I to 480I. Sorry!
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