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This applies more to a commercial setting, but I am hopeful the folks on this forum might have some good ideas.  I am looking for a system to monitor the status of fire alarm/strobes, presumably either a light or sound-level sensor.


We are tenants in a relatively large building that employs a zoned evacuation system.  As such, the fire alarms/strobes do not necessarily activate on all floors of our space, only the floor on which the alert was triggered, the floor above, and the floor below.  The fire alarm system is monitored by a central command station, so we have no way of knowing which floors are triggered without conducting a visual inspection.  We occupy more than 100,000 square feet on six floors.


I would like to employ a system of sensors that could detect either the change in the level of light or sound that would occur when a fire alarm/strobe light is activated, that could send me an email, text message, and/or phone call alert.  We have a very robust wireless network, so something that works via wifi would be especially useful.


I know this is not exactly the focus of this forum, but I thought folks might have some suggestions.


Thanks in advance!


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