Alcons came to CEDIA with its Pro Ribbon Experience demo anchored by a new and powerful 18" subwoofer that gets down to 10 Hz and below.

Alcons specializes in professional-level speaker systems that leverage a patented, high-output ribbon tweeters to deliver extreme dynamics. I've followed the Dutch company since it started demoing its Pro Ribbon systems at CEDIA. The first year was a shock to the senses as the company made a splashy intro with a room that consistently approached 130 dB peaks. Last year, the system was tuned much better and there was debate if it was the best-sounding rig at CEDIA, where the competition is fierce. Anyhow, this year I stepped inside, watched an extended clip from Ready Player One (the car race with King Kong) and decided that the room deserved a Best of CEDIA 2018 award!

Sound levels during this demo were much closer to regular reference and the experience really hammered home how dynamic and agile Alcons ribbons are. But even more impressive was the bass, which was palpably thick and heavy when it needed to be, or light and fleeting if that was called for. King Kong's footsteps shook the room with an authority you'd expect from a wrecking ball, you could feel it in your bones.

The CRMS-LFE18 18" subwoofer is what's new at the show and easily explains why the bass was so good this year. It's a sealed design capable of 1.2" of excursion, which means it can move lots of air.

While the CRMS-LFE18 is responsible for the deep bass and infrasonic delights of the Alcons demo room at CEDIA 2018, and the speakers are why there's such realism to 3D immersive sound, credit also needs to be given to the StormAudio Immersive Sound Processor with 32 all-digital outputs. The total effect is exactly what any discerning AV enthusiast could wish for in terms of performance. It's a total "wow."

Find out more about the Alcons demo system in this brief interview with Tom from Alcons:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum