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Sorry for the long post...

I have been running my HTPC/Server with the IGP (hdmi output on HD3300) for the last couple of months and when looking at tuner cards, got a great deal on an All-in-wonder HD (Visiontek, not deluxe model)

Motherboard is the TA790GX A2+ from biostar

I popped it in attached the HDMI cable to it and get no video at all. Attached a DVI cable and second monitor and got brief flashes on the HDMI cable but nothing successful and 50% of the time neither screen showed video.

Tried disabling IGP, does not appear to make a differnce.

So tried it on a 680i sli board I have, the card is 100% operational with both audio and video via HDMI.

So i tried reinstalling it. This time I reset CMOS before powering it up. Video!!! I enter setup, fix date and time, set HDD boot order save and restart and video is gone again.

Obviously there is a setting in the BIOS that is disabled in "safe mode boot." But with the massive amount of settings that I am unfamiliar with that are system specific (i understand the global setitngs for the most part) I am at a loss.

With card installed and IGP left on, I can RDP into the HTPC, and in Device manager only the HD3300 appears. No other display adapters or unknown devices show up. Installing drivers uninstalling drivers and driver sweep through RDP do not help, as the no video problems exhibits pre-POST (
thats kinda funny)

Possibilities I have considered.

1) HDMI port on the IGP overrides the HDMI port on the AIW HD, possible version difference? Disabling IGP should have fixed this however, and it did not.

2) Hybrid Crossfire Causing issues. I do not see a hybrid crossfire setting in the BIOS and of all the one or two pages of useful information I have been able to find about Hybrid CF (none of which cover how to set it up), it appears the discrete card should be your main display adapter. So video should work through it. Which it is not.

3) Powerplay. Or whatever that new tech is called to only initialize the discrete card when workload demands it. Also should be eliminated by disabling the IGP. Have not tried hooking up the HDMI cable to the onboard HDMI port with the AIW installed, so this could be a possibility. I would actually use this feature IF I was not using a discrete card that needs to run 100% of the time due to the tuner on it. Again no option in BIOS that I have see nto disable it.

I do have the "card" that comes with the Biostar board to make the lower PCIE slot run at 16x installed

Biostar TA790GX A2+ (sinked FETS)

Phenom 9950BE stock cooler and clocks

2x2GB G.Skill 667MHz 4-4-4 ram

standard peripherals (4 sata HDDs, 1 IDE ODD, 1 floppy/media card reader)

500W PSU

Lascala LC20 2x92mm panaflo intakes, 3x80mm masscool exhausts, removed HDD cage and built a replacement out of pipe strap for 4 hdds mounted parallel to front of case.(runs cooler, opened more space and reduced vibration from hdds)

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Originally Posted by H8nXTC /forum/post/15419649

Didn't read your whole post, but I've got the Gigabyte 790gx board and the A-I-W HD by Visiontek and they're working together for me.

Well thanks for not reading it and responding. So not 790GX/AIW HD incompatible but motherboard specific maybe then....
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