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all new 360 on the way?? tin foil hat on...

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Just looked at BB and CC for xbox 360, thinking about picking up a new benq drive equipped 360. Apparantly they are both sold out online and most local stores are also sold out too expect a few... Weird...
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Yeah my friend was looking to get one at BB since he received a ton of money in giftcards for Christmas. Still nothing online or in any of our local stores. Just have to wait for a shipment to come in which is usually on Sundays.
They had a ton of them at my local BBY yesterday.
they are all out locally around me in Nothern va. Wouldn't think they would sell out in jan.
they aren't sold out. they just never got back in stock since christmas. i had to buy an elite from amazon.com

Originally Posted by Goatse /forum/post/12811380

Just looked at BB and CC for xbox 360, thinking about picking up a new benq drive equipped 360. Apparantly they are both sold out online and most local stores are also sold out too expect a few... Weird...

Many stores in Fort Worth are out (with the exception of a few random Arcades, all of which have "203w" labels). Not getting much traction talking to store staff about Falcons, either.
My local BB has only 360 Arcade consoles sitting in the store for a while now. Maybe something new and exciting is coming soon.
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The Holiday Bundles are probably just getting cleaned out, or sent back for repackaging to the non-bundles. I recently purchased a new Premium with "Go Pro" on the box, no bundle. BenQ and Falcon...
Yeap, they are clearing out the holiday bundles. Should start seeing them again without the free games and stickers on the box.
My 360 died last week and I have been trying to get a replacement under my extended warranty. The local store has been sold out of Premiums and Elites since right after Christmas. They checked all of the stores in the region and they are sold out as well. They don't even have any in their warehouse.
Odd, its like they stopped production on them. They should get a new shipment in every week, not like the 360 has a demand problem like the Wii.
I was surprised not to see any in the wild as well until I read today that MS apparently sold almost 1.5 million (forecasted) 360's in December.

1- XBOXes are built in batches; changing package contents or mobo design requires shutting production down at one of the plants for a few days at least.

2- XBOXes are shipped by boat from China.

3- It took MS three months to build up enough stock to meet expected December demand.

4- If supplies got tight in late dec, they would've had to air-freight them. Pricey. Better to let early January sales dip.

5- In years past its taken a couple weeks to refill the pipeline after the holidays.

6- Post-holiday production should start showing up by this weekend. Expect it to be skewed towards the Elite at first--MS says they expect Elite to be the most popular model in 08. (And it just might be--after the summer price cuts hit.

In other words: nothing unusual is going on.

Just the morning after hangover of a very good december sales party.

And no, there is no new XBOX coming.

Just the end of the XMAS bundle to reestablish the game-less SKUs leading up to the next round of price cuts.

That's how MS played the game with Original xbox and so far they're sticking to their gameplan: summer price cut, holiday bundles.

Pick yer poison, folks.
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Yeah, I had trouble spotting one recently. Had to run all over town for a couple days to find a 175w pro bundle (hidden away at a random strip mall Radio Shack).

Not only are stores recovering from the holiday rush, and not only is MS gearing up for a new bundle (or non-bundle) sku, but I think these big stores are also hitting inventory season. Which means they have to be careful how much and what they have in stock for yearly inventory (tax) purposes. We'll probably see normal stock in the next couple of weeks.
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