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All Off on Russound's TS2, or almost...

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I've just finished installing a 6 zone CAV66 system with 2 sub zones using A-Bus. Everything is running smoothly except for one thing; the customer calls me last week telling me that her sub-zone using the A-Bus won't shut down when she does an All Off command on her keypad or TS2s.

One call to Support was all it took to give me a cold sweat; you're kidding right??? Nope, can't do it!

Yes I'll take the blame for not knowing this and not being able to tell my customer this before we installed everything but, I refuse to believe there is no way to work around this limitation (IR, unused wire in Cat5, connecting sub zone speaker to main zone...). Has anyone ever got around this?

The sub zone is a walk in room right next to her master bathroom (the zone).

Of course I could tell my customer to always shut off her music in her walk in before she leaves the room but... let's just say she wouldn't be happy...
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If you want to get fancy, you could use the 12v trigger out of the CAV's main zone to power a relay. The relay would need to be wired in-line on the CAT5 between the A-Bus Keypad and CAV so that the solid brown wire which provides positive voltage to the keypad is disrupted when the main zone is turned off (12v trigger turns off).

Problem with this is that the sub zone will not work unless the main zone is also on (may be a problem for customer, maybe not).

If the customer wants the sub zone to function when the main zone is off, but always be powered off with the main zone (or with an all off), you'd need to get even fancier by using a relay with timer.

Something like the Elk 960 timer/relay would work for this:

The functionality would disconnect power to the A-Bus keypad for a couple seconds when the main zone is shut off and then restore it so the A-Bus sub zone could be turned on later with the main zone still off.

You'd have to duplicate this setup twice (once for each sub zone).

I don't think trying to do this via IR is a good idea... you'd have to get IR emitters at each A-Bus keypad and then devise some way to send the IR commands at the appropriate time. I don't know of a way to use the CAV to send these IR commands when a zone shuts off. You'd need a little controller like the Applied Digital Oceleot that could intercept the CAV's RS-232 command when a main zone is shut off and then output the A-Bus IR Off command which would then need to be routed to emitters located at the sub zone keypads. To control both sub zones independantly, you'd also need someway to route IR so that both aren't controlled at the same time (Oceleot doesn't do routing, but there's an add-on module that does).

Short answer... no EASY way to do this, but some work-arounds like mentioned above should work if you're competent enough with this kind of stuff to put it all together. I actually enjoy doing weird custom stuff like this.

Let your customer know that they can also issue an All On or All Off from any UNO-S1 or S2 by pressing and holding the power button... doesnt' need to be done at the TS2.


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Hi Paul,

I had a feeling I was going to see a reply from you for some reason. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain...

I knew there was a way
I've never used relays before so I'm not sure which ones to use and how to use them. I don't think the customer will mind having to have the main zone ON in order to use the A-Bus so I'll go with the first option.

I've made a drawing using an Elk 912 module. Would you be kind enough to tell me if this is right.

Thanks again!

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Yes... your drawing looks good.

Take a look at the Elk relay's current draw and the max current on the CAV's 12v trigger.

Please verify, but I think the Elk 912 draws 30mA and the CAV's trigger can provide up to 50mA so you'll be ok. If the CAV's trigger doesn't support 30mA, Elk has another relay that only requires 1-2mA for trigger (Elk 924?).

The Russound trigger max current is listed in the back of the manual in the tech specs.

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Ok, I'm not able to post an URL for some reason - do a google search on this exact string "A00179 Turn Off a CAV6.6 ABUS Sub Zone when a Primary Zone Turns Off"

The first hit should be to the worthington solutions website, they have an appnote that sounds like it might address your problem.

This is a great solution and far more elegant than what I'd suggested. I've not tried it yet, but will do so in the near future.

Here's the link for anyone interested:


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Thanks tils0008,

I worked out the problem using the relays, worked like a charm and only took a couple of minutes to install (thanks Paul) but I have to agree, the A00179 is cleaner ;-)

I'll keep this link in my bookmarks.

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